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November is filling up fast!

Do you have your gutters scheduled for cleaning?

Consider for a moment, the amount of impervious surface area your roof has, that is a whole lot of water run off.  It is important that you maintain a free flowing system.  To keep walkways ice-free in the wintertime and to keep mosquito larva from developing in the springtime.
Directing water flow away from your house properly will protect your foundation, prevent water penetration, and  keep stains from developing on your siding.

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I said the G word…


That’s right folks, I said it the G word…. Gutters.

I know what you are thinking…

“It’s August, Why would I worry about my gutters now?”

Well, here at Superior Services we are already booking our clients for their Fall gutter cleaning.

Spaces are filling in quickly and we want everyone to have a chance to get scheduled.

Don’t wait till the last minute!