Superior Services Window Cleaning

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Since 1985 we have provided window cleaning, pressure washing, and awning cleaning services to clients who realize that 1st impressions play an essential part in promoting an inviting storefront or restaurant.  We specialize in working with clients to reduce their anthro411-2maintenance costs while improving this important image.

This image is what attracts customers; with Restaurants, cleanliness is always a priority to customers a clean environment is an inviting one. Where retail is concerned; the eyes naturally gravitate towards windows because it showcases the products inside. Your displays are an important form of advertising.

We have well-established routes throughout Washington.  Being in most areas weekly, allows us to accommodate schedules while minimizing travel and optimizing time. This efficiency enables us to offer our services at a reduced price without compromising quality or service.

Selecting Superior Services for all your Washington locations reduces the price dramatically.  Equally as important it simplifies billing, one bill monthly with authorized work orders for each location.  No more cash payouts, multiple bills, missing invoices or inconsistent pricing.  It also gives you the peace of mind that you are working with a professional, licensed and insured company.  We track and report all services provided using state of the art scheduling and billing software.

Our regularly scheduled customers receive benefits and security that they are receiving an unsurpassed level of courteous and professional service. Additionally, There is never a concern of if, when, or what quality they may receive this time around.    When you select Superior Services, you are ensuring consistent quality, scheduling, and service at an affordable price.

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